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Sound Absorbing Panels

Model S4

Sound Absorbing Panels

Description and Application

Kinetics S4 is a highly efficient, tuned sound absorber designed for low- and mid-frequency sound absorption.

Model S4 consists of a 3 PCF (48 kg per cu. M) glass fiber core completely protected with a eight mil (203.2 micron) thick neoprene-coated, fiberglass reinforced, aluminized polyester white or foil film (1.5 mil/38.1 mircon) facing.

The product is available in 1" (25 mm) and 2" (50 mm) thicknesses, and sizes up to 48" by 120" (1219 mm x 3048 mm), or in die-cut shapes to meet application requirements. When tested in #4 mounting (direct application), the 1" (25 mm) thick S4 sound absorber is rated at NRC 0.75. The 2" (50 mm) thick S4 is rated at NRC 0.94.

Kinetics S4 Sound Absorbers are particularly suited for wall or ceiling installations in industrial facilities and machinery enclosures, engine shrouds, air compressor cabinets or other applications where a reduction of reverberated sound is desirable.

Sound Absorption Panels | Noise Absorption Panels

The board-like absorbers have good structural integrity and damage resistance and can be used in temperatures from -65°F to 265°F (-54°C to 129°C).

Kinetics S4 sound absorbers can be installed by impaling them on welded pins, by cementing, or by using edge clips or batten strips. S4 absorbers can be steam cleaned and are designed to resist most conditions which are found inside machinery enclosures.

Sound Absorption Panels
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