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NOISEBLOCK Acoustic Enclosure Systems

NOISEBLOCK™ Acoustic Enclosure Systems

Kinetics Noise Control designs and manufactures a complete line of modular engineered systems incorporating the NOISEBLOCK™ acoustic panel. This double-walled acoustic panel can be quickly and easily assembled into a variety of plenum, equipment enclosure, or process enclosure configurations; and are designed to provide a high level of sound absorption and transmission loss.



Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

The mitigation of noise from heating and cooling systems in modern commercial projects is an important aspect in any building design. Kinetics Noise Control engineers and manufactures complete pressurized plenum enclosures. NOISEBLOCK™ pressurized plenums are designed to provide effective noise control, structural integrity, along with full access for maintenance and inspection.

Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Worker safety has taken on increasing importance for industrial facilities, and as such, noise reduction initiatives have become an essential goal of the industry. NOISEBLOCK™ enclosures are a key design element in bringing industrial, process and manufacturing facilities to safer noise levels and to help make a better work environment for all involved.

Environmental Applications

Environmental Applications

To mitigate outside noise sources a partial or complete NOISEBLOCK™ panel enclosure can be used. Kinetics Noise Control engineers their enclosures with special design considerations for outdoor use, such as wind and snow loading, weather protection, proper roof design to avoid water pooling, waterproofing, and the use of special materials.

Product Details

Achievable Noise Reduction
NOISEBLOCK™ enclosure systems offer typical noise reductions of 20-35 dBA. Special custom systems incorporating heavier (thicker gage) panel shell, thicker panels or an enclosure within an enclosure are available to achieve higher levels of noise reduction.

NOISEBLOCK Panel Cutaway

Type STL acoustic panels are fabricated of various thicknesses and materials depending on the level of noise control required for a particular application. Standard KINETICS NOISEBLOCK™ type STL panels are fabricated with an outer solid shell of 18 gage and inner perforated shell of 22 gage steel. Panels are stiffened with 18 gage internal channels and edge rails. The acoustic grade fill is 2.5 to 6 pcf long strand fiberglass or mineral wool, depending on the application, are inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof and incombustible. Standard panels are 4" thick, but optional 2" and 6" panels are available to meet special requirements.

Type HTL acoustic panels are designed for applications where a higher transmission loss is required. Standard KINETICS type HTL panels are fabricated with an outer solid shell of 16 gage and inner perforated shell of 22 gage steel with a high mass septum added for increased acoustic performance. Panels are stiffened with 18 gage internal channels and edge rails. The acoustic grade fill is 2.5 to 6 pcf long strand fiberglass or mineral wool depending on the application and are inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof and incombustible. Panels are available in 4" or 6" thickness.

Outer and inner shell materials are available in standard galvanized steel, Type G90, mill phosphatized (satin) finish galvanized steel (readily paintable), stainless steel, Types 304 and 316, aluminum and aluminized steel. Standard material gages for solid outer shell are 18 ga. and 16 ga., perforated (23% open area) inner shell is 22 gage. Septum panels and panels with solid outer and inner shells are available. Factory applied powder-coat finish is available as an additional option.

All internal sound absorbing media used in NOISEBLOCK™ panels meet the requirements of NFPA-90A and surface burning characteristics per ASTM E84, with maximum flame spread rating of 25 and smoke developed rating of 50. Other media are available offering more stringent flame spread index and smoke developed index. The media is available both unlined, lined or bagged using a specialized film or cloth barrier and acoustic spacer. The insulation is under compression so as not to allow settling of acoustic media within the panel.

Standard Panel Dimensions
NOISEBLOCK™ panels are available in standard designated widths of 21.625" and 45.625" and lengths up to 144". Other widths and lengths are available by request.

Thermal Performance
The insulation materials used in NOISEBLOCK™ panels at 75˚F have maximum thermal conductance values of 0.06 BTU/hr-ft2-˚F (4" thick) and 0.12 BTU/hr-ft2-˚F (2 inch thick). Thermal resistance values are R17 (4" thick) and R8 (2" thick). Other insulation materials yielding higher thermal performance values are available.


Silenced Ventilation Systems
Silenced Ventilation Systems Kinetics Noise Control ensures the enclosed equipment or process is properly ventilated as to prevent overheating by choosing from our expansive product line of circular (VCS), rectangular straight (VRS) and elbow (VES) absorptive or reactive silencers and fixed-blade acoustic louvers (KCAL/KCPL/KCAC). All are backed by independent testing per ASTM E477 and/or ASTM E90 in NVLAP accredited laboratories.

Observation windows are available as doublepane, wire reinforced, or tempered safety glass. The windows are held in place with a flexible acoustic, airtight seal and separated by an airspace of the same thickness as the NOISEBLOCK™ panel. Depending on window size it can be factory installed or shipped and field installed. High STC rated windows are available were maximum noise control is required.

A complete line of single and double leaf NOISEBLOCK™ access doors are available in various sizes and can be incorporated to meet a variety of needs such as personnel and machinery access. Single and double leaf access doors are available with industrial grade strap hinges (swing right/left, in/out) and panic/passage hardware (keyed locks or sliding hardware are available as an option). The maximum single leaf door size is 48" wide x 96" high and the maximum double leaf door size is 144" wide x 144" high. Door thicknesses match adjacent panel thickness, construction, and acoustic performace.

Pressurized plenum single leaf doors are available in various sizes and have acoustic edge and bottom seals, doors are factory pre-hung, insulated and equiped with 2 or 3 strap hinges with Ventlok latches. (zinc and aluminum non-corrosive alloy). Double-pane, wire reinforced view ports are an available option.

Removable Panels
NOISEBLOCK™ removable access panels for walls and roofs can be located and sized as required for easy access to interior equipment for maintenance, service, or repair. The construction of removable panels is the same as the surrounding panels. Depending on the size and frequency of use, removable panels incorporate Ventlock latches or bolted connections. Roof access panels for outdoor applications can be designed for sloped roofs or can incorporate a rasied curb for flat roofs. Lifting lugs and special flashing are included as required.

Standard Colors
NOISEBLOCK Standard Colors

Case Studies

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