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Kinetics Noise Control Launches Raven Board™, A Versatile Lighting or Acoustical Ceiling Absorber

Kinetics Noise Control Launches Raven Board™, A Versatile Lighting or Acoustical Ceiling Absorber

Kinetics Noise Control Inc. (Kinetics) is pleased to announce the launch of Raven Board, adding to its Room Acoustics and Home market product lines. Easily cut to size with a utility knife, Raven Board can be quickly installed in a ceiling grid or directly to the ceiling for fast and dramatic acoustic results in commercial or residential spaces. Learn More

WEBINAR REGISTER: Introducing Raven Board


  • Kinetics Noise Control’s MetaWrx™ Revolutionizes Architectural Design of Sound and Vibration Isolation
  • MetaWrx™ is a new class of isolator designed by engineers at HyperDamping, Inc. and offered exclusively by Kinetics in a forward-thinking collaboration. What sets MetaWrx apart is the way in which the product exploits an integrative structural-material design to maximize damping when shock and vibration loads are transversely applied through the thickness.
  • VTLF 80Hz Bass Trap + Bass Absorber
  • VTLF combines several technologies to create a unique acoustical core. First, it is an exceptional 80Hz bass trap- exactly at the key woofer to subwoofer crossover frequency. Unlike a traditional bass trap, it continues to absorb up through the woofer frequencies (315 Hz) then it turns off, preserving the mid and high tones. Lastly it does this without the need for heavy materials and is only 2-1/8" thick!


  • WEBINAR: Raven Board Introduction
  • Join Ben Hickey, Kinetics Director of Sales for the Room Acoustics and Home Markets, Chris Underwood, Kinetics Home Market Sales Manager, and Jason Ehrlich, Sales Development Specialist for the Room Acoustics and Home Markets, as they introduce and highlight the features and benefits of Kinetics newest introduction: Raven Board. The Raven Board acoustic tile provides an effective and cost-efficient way to ensure a wall or ceiling has exceptional acoustic performance. Made from lightweight acoustic fiberglass board, these tiles can control unnecessary noise, be easily cut to any desired size, and be used to reduce light reflection within a room. This makes it the ideal choice for both lighting and acoustical treatment. Tune in to this webinar to learn more! REGISTER NOW

Company Overview
Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. was established in 1958 as industrial consultants focused on controlling sound and vibration, Kinetics now produces the industry’s largest selection of products and solutions that control airborne noise, isolate structure-borne vibration, enhance room acoustics, create quiet spaces, and restrain non-structural building systems.



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