Acoustical Wood Collection

Alto’s grooved design adds a look of visual refinement to an acoustically absorbent wood finish. Small, subtle openings beneath the grooves allow sound energy to pass through and be absorbed by hidden acoustical materials.

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Alto consists of a perforated core with wood veneers (or laminates) applied to the surface. Groove patterns are then machined into the face to expose the core perforations and create acoustic transparency.

Alto can be shipped as planks or panels that are field installed over nailers and absorbers, or pre-built as all-in-one Ensemble panels.


Simply select the desired finish and groove spacing, then choose planks for a continuous surface or panels/Ensemble for a panelized look.


Alto tongue and groove planks create a hardwood floor-like appearance.

Alto Planks

Planks are easily field cut and nailed in place around doors, windows, and other architectural features.


Alto panels are hung on z-clips and can be custom sized to your dimensions.

Alto Panels


Ensemble arrives as a ready to hang panel complete with fiberglass and frame.


  • Use on walls or ceilings
  • Two standard groove spacings
  • Groove pattern can be run to the edge creating a seamless look
  • NRC: 0.70 to 0.90
  • Many options for wood species, laminates, matchings, cuts, finishes and edges


  • Field-assembled planks or panels
    • Planks: 7-9/16" wide; typical 8' to 10' long
    • Panels: Up to 4' wide x 8' long
  • Pre-fabricated Ensemble panels
    • Up to 4' wide, up to 8' long, not to exceed 20 sf/panel
  • Groove spacing: 8mm or 16mm on center
  • Veneer or laminate
  • Edge finish
  • Fire rated or non-fire rated core
  • FSC® Certification available upon request

See data sheet, page 2, for more information

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Alto is one of four distinctive patterns for sound absorption in The Acoustical Wood Collection.

These patterns enable designers to create beautiful auditoriums, atriums, conference rooms, courthouses, student centers or other areas where finished wood is desired and acoustical comfort is needed.