KINETICS® Ensemble

Acoustical Wood Collection

Ensemble offers contractors a fast and efficient method for installing The Acoustical Wood Collection (AWC). Ensemble is a pre-built, ready to hang sound-absorbing panel finished in Alto, Picado, Sereno and TAD Revealed patterns.

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Sometimes, project installation timeframes and manpower can be tight. Rather than installing AWC components in the field, Ensemble panels come factory-assembled and ready for installation.


Ensemble arrives to the jobsite as a ready-to-hang panel complete with fiberglass and frame.

    Ensemble panels consist of these components:

    • The AWC pattern of your choice on the surface
    • 1" or 2" 6# density fiberglass
    • Framing around the perimeter, 1" or 2" deep, depending on fiberglass thickness
    • MDF board on the back of panel

    Simply install factory-provided Z-clips on panels and walls, then hang.


    • Alto, Picado, Sereno, TAD Revealed, or CC3 patterns – 9 patterns total
    • Many options for wood species, laminates, matchings, cuts, finishes and edges
    • 1" or 2"” thick absorptive acoustical core
    • Widths up to 4’, lengths up to 8’; the combined width and length cannot exceed 20 square feet
    • Fire rated or non-fire rated core
    • FSC® Certification available upon request

    Alto is one of four distinctive patterns for sound absorption in The Acoustical Wood Collection.

    These patterns enable designers to create beautiful auditoriums, atriums, conference rooms, courthouses, student centers or other areas where finished wood is desired and acoustical comfort is needed.