Fiberglass Pad Wire-Tie Hanger

Fiberglass Pad Wire-Tie Hanger

AF fiberglass hangers are specifically designed as a noise stop isolator for use in wire-supported, suspended ceiling systems. Use with either acoustic ceiling tiles (ACT) or gypsum board systems for added mass and performance.

Use AF-100 hangers to stop high frequency "buzzing" of ACT ceiling grid, caused by equipment such as transformers, chillers, and other mechanical equipment sources in the audible frequency range.

Heavy ceilings of gypsum board can be supported by AF hangers to increase sound transmission loss.

These hangers are a combination of uniquely permanent, inorganic Kinetics Fiberglass and a zinc-plated metal assembly. This creates a combination that is essentially non-corrosive in all natural environments.

  • Permanently resilient fiberglass isolator pad
  • Constant natural frequency in wide load range
  • Two capacities keep things simple-
    • AF-100 for 20-100 pounds loads
    • AF-200 for 50-200 pounds loads
  • 500% overload fail-safe assembly
  • Standard AF hangers are shipped fully assembled and ready for use.