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Kinetics Noise Control AIA Accredited Presentations

Kinetics Noise Control is pleased to present two AIA Accredited Continuing Education Programs. The programs are:

ARCHINT01 - Acoustics and Noise Control in Building Design
An overview of Acoustics and Noise Control principals and design methodology. A special emphasis is placed on looking at common building types where acoustics and noise control are often required.

INT1 - Architectural Acoustics - Absorption, Reflection and Diffusion
An overview and exploration of designing for quality of sound inside a space using absorption, reflection and diffusion.

Each course provides one (1) Learning Unit and a Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) credit.

Any or all of these presentations can be scheduled as convenient for your company. Please contact Doug Johnson (djohnson@kineticsnoise.com) or Jason Ehrlich (jehrlich@kineticsnoise.com), or contact us at 800-959-1229 for further information.

Thank you.