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Quick-Connect Ceiling Hanger

Quick-Connect Ceiling Hanger


Secured to concrete, metal deck, or structural framing, IsoGrid Quick-Connect Ceiling Hanger incorporates a neoprene element to resiliently support one or more layers of gypsum board. Attachment can be made directly into concrete by powder-actuated fastener through the hanger (where loads and local code permits). Wire is then tied to the bottom of the hanger bracket through the built-in mounting holes. Gypsum board is installed using either drywall ceiling grid or cold rolled and hat channel.


Dual Deflection Neoprene Isolator

Dual Deflection Neoprene Isolator

The IsoGrid Quick Connect Ceiling Hanger utilizes a specially designed Dual Deflection neoprene isolator with internal bulge areas. These internal bulge areas allow the Dual Deflection neoprene element to achieve greater deflections than similarly sized elements while maintaining lateral stability. Greater deflection translates to greater performance for your noise control ceilings.

Selection Guide

Maximum Capacity (lbs.) Maximum Deflection (in.) Layers of Drywall* Dot Color
IsoGrid-40   41 0.20 1 White
IsoGrid-105 106 0.20 2 Green
IsoGrid-160 158 0.20 3 Red

*Based on IsoGrid 4'x4' spacing

3 Step Quick-Connect Installation

3 Step Quick-Connect Installation
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