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KINETICS® UniBrace-L and PSB

Isolated Wall Braces

Isolated Wall Braces

Sometimes overlooked in otherwise proper acoustic design, isolated wall braces play an important role in maintaining quiet spaces. Often used in conjunction with other noise control materials on the top and/or bottom of an isolated partition, these supports provide bracing for an isolated double- stud or masonry wall without creating a transmission path for noise and vibration.

Isolated Wall Problem and Solution

Isolated wall braces should be employed whenever a secondary wall is used for improved sound control and rigid bracing will cause unwanted noise transfer. It is important to note that these devices do not add to the STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of a partition, instead they provide structural stability without sacrificing acoustic performance.

Metal or wood wall 15' to 30' tall with KSM and PSB-S

Metal or wood stud wall partition with Wallmat and UniBrace L

Masonry wall up to 20'-0" with IPRB-48 and PC-10

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