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Anti-Buckling Resilient Partition Brace

Anti-Buckling Resilient Partition Brac



For use when wall isolation is desired for wood-and steel-frame studwall construction, KWSB2 Anti-Buckling Brace will eliminate the "give" felt when leaning on a wall that is acoustically isolated. KWSB2 is especially useful when construction requires that the vertical framing channels/studs be split. The KWSB2 can be implemented in many construction situations, as it is seismically rated, and allows for a narrow airspace between two walls.


Part 1.00 - General

1.01 Work Included

A. Furnish all labor, materials, tools and equipment, and perform all operations necessary for the installation of anti-buckling, resilient partition braces in the construction of an isolated partition.

1.02 System Description

A. Isolated partitions, where shown on drawings, shall be decoupled along the studs using partition isolation braces that prevent buckling. Partition isolation braces shall be used in conjunction with other isolation components or systems, as required, to enable construction of an isolated partition and ensure reduced sound transmission.

1.03 Quality Assurance

A. Resilient partition braces shall be designed and fabricated at facilities of a nationally recognized manufacturer having a minimum of five years experience in furnishing similar materials.

Part 2.00 - Products

2.01 Materials

A. The resilient isolation components specified herein shall be designed and manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. Dublin, Ohio.

B. Isolated partitions shall be constructed using Kinetics KWSB2 Anti-Buckling Resilient Partition Braces. Resilient partition braces shall be capable of withstanding a seismic generated force of fifty (50) pounds.

C. Resilient partition braces shall be constructed using galvanized steel brackets interlocked with a neoprene noise and vibration insert. Resilient partition braces shall contain two 1/4" diameter thru-holes to permit use of fasteners to attach braces to studs.

Part 3.00 - Execution

3.01 Installation

A. The installation of all resilient isolation materials specified herein, including those installed under other sections of the specifications, shall be in accordance with procedures submitted by the isolation material manufacturer, and approved by the Architect.

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