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Spring Wire-Tie Ceiling Hanger

MUTA Spring Wire-Tie Ceiling Hanger


Secured to concrete, metal deck, or structural framing, MUTA Hanger incorporates a one inch (1") rated deflection spring in series with a neoprene element to resiliently support one or more layers of gypsum board. Attachment to the upper eyebolt on the isolator is made via wire suspended from the deck above. Wire is tied on the bottom eyebolt and looped around a piece of 1-1/2" x 1/2" 16-gage steel carrying channel. Drywall furring channel is then attached to the carrying channel. Drywall ceiling grid is another common installation. Gypsum board is connected using industry standard installation techniques. Incorporate MUTA Hanger into any isolated ceiling design where one inch (1") rated spring deflection is desired, and conditions require the flexibility of using wire.

Pictured: MUTA Hanger (large)
Gotham Option (lower right)


MUTA Hanger Detail Drawing

MUTA Hanger Product Detail
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