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KINETICS® Sound Damp2

Drywall Damping Compound

Add to second layer drywall for improved STC

Sound Damp2 | Drywall Damping Compound


Noise Control

Often after buildings are occupied, noise problems are discovered. At this point it may be too costly and disruptive to remove drywall and add our high STC IsoMax clips. Sound Damp2 allows the easy addition of a layer of drywall, and raises the STC of the wall much higher than drywall alone. Whether used as a retrofit or to meet building code for new construction, Sound Damp2 is the “go to” building material.

Installation Benefits

STC Sound Test Results

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STC Sound Test Results

STC Ratings and Audibility*

Sound Source STC 40 STC 50** STC 60
Loud Speech Heard Barely Audible Inaudible
Music Heard Easily Heard Bass notes heard faintly

*Note: The noise source sound level and the ambient (background) sound level will change what is actually heard in conjunction with the STC rating of the wall

**STC 50 is required by IBC Building Code between units in multi-family buildings

Sound Quality

A secondary benefit of damped drywall, when used in critical listening spaces, is reduced room reverberation times and improved low frequency absorption. The room simply sounds better, more articulate. This room acoustics improvement is often desirable in music performance, recording, and home theater spaces.

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