Industry leaders in acoustics, noise control and vibration isolation since 1958, Kinetics has a long history of serving the commercial theater market, providing acoustical solutions in the following two applications:

  • Prefabricated Acoustical Panels, in sizes up to 4' x 10' with a variety of thicknesses.
  • StretchTRAK – Customized, site-built acoustical wall systems using stretched-fabric and acoustical substrate.

Kinetics acoustical panels are proudly “Made in the USA” in our 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in suburban Columbus OH and shipped throughout the world.

Each job is custom made-to-order with a wide variety of acoustically-transparent fabrics. Behind the fabrics, Kinetics provides fire-tested absorption materials in standard 6# fiberglass plus specially-engineered materials for more customized acoustical performance.

In all cases, Kinetics panels can be custom-designed to fit any theme. Various combinations of panel sizes, shapes, edge details, and thicknesses can be used as integral additions to the interior design. Our design/support personnel are available to provide panel details, specifications and CAD drawings.

Installation services are also available.

Applications for Kinetics acoustical panels include:

  • Theaters
  • Entryways
  • Screening Rooms
  • Projection Booths
  • Lobbies
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