KINETICS® CRFSComputer Room Floor Stand


  • Seismic certification to meet the latest building codes
  • Adjustable height up to ± 1.5"
  • Vibration isolation from 0.25" to 4" deflection
  • Structural steel floor stand
  • Pre-located and drilled equipment mounting holes
  • Optional turning vane installed in the stand


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Computer Room Floor Stand


Kinetics Model CRFS floor stands are specifically designed and engineered to support computer room A/C units requiring seismic restraint and/or vibration isolation.

Model CRFS provides a mean for attaching isolators or restraints to computer room air conditioning units while also maintaining a rigid support surface. Typical uses for the Kinetics Model CRFS include computer data centers, telecommunications facilities, computer laboratories, and industrial process control rooms.

The Kinetics Model CRFS Computer Room Floor Stands can be used with raised floor systems.


Model CRFS structural steel floor stands provide rigid mounting for seismic restraint and/or isolation of computer room air conditioning units (CRAC).

The Kinetics Model CRFS incorporates structural steel sections with restraint or isolation mounting brackets as well as drilled and pre-located anchor bolt holes for attaching the equipment to the stand. While Model CRFS is designed to incorporate a variety of isolators and restraints there are a few standard options with the CRFS structural steel floor stands. Each leg of the stand has independent adjustment of up to 1.5" so the stands can easily be adjusted to account for out-of-level floors. Also, an optional turning vane can be built into the stand.

The CRFS stand has a standard finish of Gray shop primer paint. Optional finishes are available.


Bases shall be structural steel sections with restraint or isolator support bracket with pre-located and driller equipment mounting holes and shall be designed and supplied by the isolation or restraint materials manufacturer.

Bases shall be shipped assembled with all of the structural steel sections and optional turning vane welded in place.

Base shall be designed for adjustability up to ± 1.5" when used with vibration isolation and/or seismic restraint.

When the base is used for seismic restraint, base shall be seismically certified and engineered to meet the latest building code.


Non Isolated Computer Room Floor Stand

Isolated Computer Room Floor Stand

Shown with Kinetics Neoprene Isolation Pads

Isolated Computer Room Floor Stand

Shown with Kinetics FHS Seismic Isolators

Acoustical Turning Vane (Optional)

Floor stand with acoustical turning vane designed to meet the CFM and acoustical requirements of your facility