KINETICS® KDD-3642Sound Deadener


Kinetics KDD-3642 Sound Deadener consists of a bituminous sheet damping material designed for cost effective vibration damping. KDD-3642 Sound Deadening Sheets effectively reduces the resonant vibration of sheet metal panels that radiate noise. It also reduces the loudness and duration caused by random impact noises when panels are struck. The material is rated self extinguishing, is black in color, is available in 36" x 42" x 0.060" and weighs 0.579 PSF. The material can be slit, punched, or die cut into parts to meet the customer’s specifications.

Model KDD-3642 contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side which is protected by an easily strippable release liner. The adhesive is a high performance acrylic adhesive which exhibits high tack for easy installation resulting in 100% contact for maximum damping effectiveness.


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KDD-3642 Sound Deadener is suitable in a wide variety of applications where it is intended to damp or eliminate the "tinniness" type noise caused by vibrating metal surfaces and panels. The KDD-3642 Sound Deadener should be applied to a clean dry surface at room temperature with a hand roller to ensure even pressure. Firm even pressure is required to bond damper to substrate. Before application the product should be staged at temperature higher than 50°F for not less than 3 hours.

Typical Applications:

  • Bodies, doors, firewalls, and floors of trucks, buses, agricultural, and off-highway equipment
  • Metal office furniture
  • Sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls
  • Air Conditioners
  • Appliance cabinets
  • Rapid transit or railway cars
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Chutes, bins, & hoppers
  • Motor and transformer housings
  • Machine housing belt guards
  • Sheet metal ducts, mixing boxes, and terminal units

Physical Properties

Type: Bitumen-based black
Thickness: 0.060" ± 0.005" (1.5 mm ± 0.1 mm)
Weight: 0.579 lbs./sq. ft. (2.6 kg/m2)
Standard Sheet Size: 36" x 42" (914 mm x 1067 mm) or die-cut parts
Water Resistance: Excellent
Flammability: Self-extinguishing as defined by FMVSS 302
Odor: Non-toxic
Application Temperature: 68°F +
Heat Resistance: 195° F Continuous; 250° F Intermittent
Cold Impact: No adhesive loss @ -13° F
Peel Resistance: 15 N/mm
Storage: 59-95° F up to 6 months

Oberst Data

@ 200 Hz 0.032" Steel

Temperature Loss
°C °F
-20 -4 0.082
-10 14 0.166
0 32 0.231
10 50 0.240
20 68 0.194
30 86 0.116
40 104 0.055
50 122 0.029
60 140 0.019


KDD-3642 Sound Deadener shall consist of a bitumen based material, coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, protected by a release paper which is removed prior to installation. The release paper shall be double-coated to provide both release from the adhesive and blocking resistance in shipping and storage.

The material shall be furnished in sheets/die-cut parts having a black color, thickness of 0.060” ± 0.005” and a weight of 0.579 Lbs. per sq. ft.

Model KDD-3642 shall be free from flammable vapors and shall be self extinguishing as defined by FMVSS 302.

The material shall provide excellent resistance to water and shall be capable of withstanding intermittent temperatures up to 250°F without blistering or sliding down vertical surfaces.

Model KDD-3642 shall provide a combined loss factor at 200 Hz of 0.194 as measured at 68°F on a 0.032” steel.

Model KDD-3642 sheets/die-cut parts shall be provided by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.