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NOISEBLOCK QuickWall Introduction

Join John Sofra, Kinetics Director of Sales for the Commercial "Airside," Industrial, and Environmental markets, as he introduces and highlights the features and benefits of Kinetics latest introduction: NOISEBLOCK QuickWall.

Kinetics NOISEBLOCK™ QuickWall is a ballast style barrier wall that delivers the same noise reduction as Kinetics NOISEBLOCK™ barrier wall system, but is easier to install and more cost-effective. QuickWall does not require roof penetration, instead utilizes its own weight and gravity to hold in place. By not penetrating the roof, QuickWall does not impact the roof warranty or roof water tightness.

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Raven Board Introduction

Introduction of Kinetics newest introduction: Raven Board. The Raven Board acoustic tile provides an effective and cost-efficient way to ensure a wall or ceiling has exceptional acoustic performance. Made from lightweight acoustic fiberglass board, these tiles can control unnecessary noise, be easily cut to any desired size, and be used to reduce light reflection within a room. This makes it the ideal choice for both lighting and acoustical treatment.

Sound-Rated Acoustical Doors

Join Chris Underwood, Home Market Sales Manager for Kinetics, as he discusses the key features and benefits of Kinetics sound-rated acoustical doors, as well as finish options, installation tips, and the process to order.

Introducing MetaWrx

Join Tonya Levine, Kinetics Director of Sales for the Noise Control Building Materials (NCBM) Market, and Chris Williams, NCBM Territory Development Manager, to learn more about the new MetaWrx isolator! MetaWrx is a new class of isolator technology that exploits an integrative structural-material design based on foundational principles of structural dynamics to maximize damping when shock and vibration loads are transversely applied across the elaborate network of beams on the topside and underside of the isolator. This is a webinar you won't want to miss!

Why Weights are Needed to Ensure a Properly Isolated System

David King of Kinetics Noise Control Building Materials Group discussed the importance of weights in an isolated floor and ceiling system. Knowing the location and accuracy of weights is one of the key factors to ensure your Kinetics shop drawing is as accurate as possible. Weights are important for isolated floors and ceilings, ensuring a flat and level finish and the system operates as designed.

Composite Sound Curtains & Applications

Kinetics Noise Control’s acoustical curtain systems are custom engineered to your application for acoustic performance and structural integrity. A cost-effective solution to reduce unwanted noise, acoustical curtain systems are available as both barrier walls and complete enclosures. All systems are designed and manufactured to meet OSHA and customer requirements regarding noise reduction, maintenance access, and ventilation to remove unwanted heat build-up. Options include viewports, ventilation silencers, acoustic louvers, and rigid roof panels.

Roof Curb Noise Control

Lee Chiddention, Kinetics Director of Sales for the HVAC Market, goes over all things Roof Curbs! Including a deep dive into vibration isolation curbs, internal vs. external isolation, in-curb acoustical treatments, and equipment restraint.

NOISEBLOCK Modular Panels for Various Systems and Applications

Kinetics NOISEBLOCK modular, double-walled panels offer noise control for many different applications, such as pressurized HVAC plenums, built-up AHU’s, process and equipment enclosures, and barrier walls for both indoor or outdoor applications. Same panel, but different construction materials and gages based on the application. Their inherent strength and tongue and groove design allow for easy installation without the need for cumbersome joiner strips. The panels are designed to provide a high level of sound absorption and transmission loss. This webinar will discuss the performance, construction types, sample design, and applications.

The Critical Role Floor Flatness Plays in an Isolated Floor System

Join David King and the Kinetics Noise Control Building Materials Group to learn about FF and FL numbers and how these are critical for all your isolated floor projects. The presentation will discuss floor flatness and levelness numbers, how to improve them, and why they are so important in an isolated floor system.

QuietTile LightHood and VersaTune Low Frequency Introduction

Join Ben Hickey, Kinetics Director of Sales for the Room Acoustics and Home Markets, to learn more about two exciting new additions to the Room Acoustics line-up: QuietTile LightHood and VersaTune Low Frequency (VTLF)! QuietTile LightHood is a welcome addition to the QuietTile acoustical ceiling tile system because it prevents unwanted reverberation from making it through the noise gap created by lights in a ceiling grid. VersaTune Low Frequency (VTLF) is an extraordinarily low-frequency absorber with bass trap style performance at 80 Hz.

KCFL Airfoil Blade Acoustic Louver Introduction

Kristen Neath, Kinetics Canadian National Sales Manager for the Commercial, Industrial, and Environmental Markets, talks about a new addition to Kinetcs Fixed-Blade Acoustic Louver line-up.

Meet the KCI

Lee Chiddention, Kinetics Director of Sales for the HVAC Market, introduces our latest product: the KCI ASHRAE Type 4 Spring Isolator. KCI ASHRAE Type 4 Spring Isolators are compact, lightweight, restrained spring isolators that are recommended for small to medium mechanical equipment near critically quiet areas where there is also a need for Wind or Seismic restraint.

PET & KNP-E Products | NEW for Indoor & Outdoor Sound Absorption Applications

Kinetics is thrilled to introduce two NEW budget-friendly sound absorption products for indoor and outdoor applications. For indoor applications, Kinetics PET is an industrial polyester, acoustic, absorption panel manufactured of recycled PET with ultra-low VOC emissions and bleach cleanability. Kinetics KNP-E lends well for both indoor and outdoor applications achieving the acoustical and durability performance of the standard Kinetics KNP panels at a reduced manufacturing cost.

Successful Application: Acoustic Louvers

In this webinar, you will learn proper methods for selecting fixed-blade acoustic louvers, applications, and structural support methods. Whether filling an opening in a building mechanical room or incorporating them into acoustic enclosures or NOISEBLOCK barrier wall systems, acoustic louvers are a valuable and important component to controlling noise while balancing pressure drop allowing for proper ventilation.

Reading and Understanding the KIP Isolator Data and Charts

Join David King and the Kinetics Noise Control Building Materials Group as they explain how to read and understand the charts and data on Kinetics Isolation Pad (KIP). After this webinar, you will know how to select an isolator size and density based on Natural Frequency, Loading, and/or Deflection requirements. The team will cover the differences of isolator sizes and glass densities and how they affect capacity capabilities. Whether your project involves RIM or Individual KIPs, this is the webinar for you to better understand the deflections and natural frequencies needed for your project.

Introducing: HealthGuard Antiseptic Acoustical Panels

From Spring 2021, Ben Hickey, Kinetics Room Acoustics National Sales Manager, introduceds Kinetics HealthGuard Antiseptic Acoustical Panels. Featuring two different acoustical cores, one impact rated and the other with no VOC’s, these absorbers can be finished in a wide array of antimicrobial fabrics that can be cleaned with a bleach solution. This introduction will review the finishes, provide an overview of installation methods, and will have a brief acoustic overview.

Understanding & Reducing Air System Noise

From March 2021, this webinar covered the basics of in-duct mechanical noise and how to control it. Kristen Neath, Kinetics Canadian National Sales Manager, walked through a typical acoustic analysis for a commercial HVAC system and discuss how to select the correct products to achieve the required noise levels in a building. She also discussed how to locate attenuation products to maximize your performance while considering the impacts on the overall HVAC system.

Introducing Kinetics Engineering Services

From March 2021, Kinetics multi-disciplined engineering team understands the complex nature of many of our client’s vibration problems. Kinetics engineering services are built on over 200 years of collective experience and the expertise to develop the best solution for the problem at hand. Kinetics is proud to announce six new engineering services Kinetics can provide. Lee Chiddention, HVAC Market Manager, and Tom Yuschak, VP of Engineering, discussed the services being offered and their benefits.

New Products: KSR 2.0 and KCI Introduction

From February 2021, Lee Chiddention, Kinetics HVAC Market Manager, discussed two exciting new products for the HVAC market: KSR 2.0 and KCI. Kinetics KSR 2.0 Vibration Isolation Roof Curb Rail is engineered to isolate packaged rooftop equipment from the roof structure. They're specifically designed and engineered for use as a noise and vibration isolation system for roof curb-mounted mechanical equipment. Kinetics KCI Spring Isolator is a compact, lightweight, restrained spring isolator that's recommended for small to medium mechanical equipment near critically quiet areas where there is also a need for Wind or Seismic restraint. This presentation included an introduction and overview of both products.

Debugging & Streamlining the Isolation Construction Process

From January 2021, discover a few of the advantages of working with Kinetics Noise Control Building Materials Group. Listen as David King, of Kinetics Noise Control Building Materials Group discusses constructability and how engaging the Kinetics Team early on with your next construction project can save you time and money. This presentation will look over constructability of projects and how the Kinetics Team offers alternative solutions to support you in meeting your construction and acoustical needs.

Your NRC is how much? An examination of PET product acoustics.

From November 2020, in this webinar targeted to architects, Jason Ehrlich reviewed room acoustics basics like NRC and Reverberation Time.  Then dissected a recent laboratory test report from the kleen lineup and discover how terms like Sabins might offer a better way to consider suspended acoustical products.  Lastly he did a quick acoustic comparison between the new PET products and other products that are specially tuned to meet specific acoustic needs.  

kleen Line of Products

From October 2020, Ben Hickey, National Sales Manager, introduced the kleen line of products. kleen features recycled PET, offering ultra-low VOC emissions and bleach cleanability. The material is formaldehyde free and 100% recyclable. kleen balances acoustical design with an emphasis on environmental wellness. kleen includes seven different cloud and baffle products, two wall coverings, and two dividers. With close to forty colors to choose from, custom shapes and sizes, as well as cutout patterns available on many products, the design possibilities are endless. This presentation will provide an overview of the products, as well as a short discussion on PET in general, including acoustics.  

Duct Silencers – Types, Performance and Proper Application

From September 2020, Airborne noise generated from HVAC equipment is a concern in commercial and industrial buildings. Duct system components allow the sound to transfer from AHU/RTU’s along both supply and return air paths to critical occupied spaces. The most common, cost effective method to control this noise to acceptable levels is to design proper duct silencers within the air paths. In this 30min webinar, Kristen Neath discussed duct silencers, their use, proper application and performance characteristics in this 30 minute overview.

Home Theater Acoustics

From July 2020, Jason Ehrlich, Strategic Marketing Administrator, delivers a brief introduction of Home Theater acoustics. Home Theaters are a challenging environment to tune due to the broad frequency of sound not found in other environments. Jason looks at some of our "music rated" absorbers, explore a list of materials typical of a theater, and look at a professional package where room treatment has been laid out specific to the selected audio equipment.

Vibration Isolation for Mechanical Systems

From August 2020, in this 20 minute webinar, Lee Chiddention gives an introduction to mechanical system vibration isolation. This brief presentation focused on Vibration isolation Selection, ASHRAE isolation types, briefly covered in-curb acoustical treatments, and concluded with how Kinetics can assist with delegated design and certification.

Concrete Noise Control Construction: Spring hangers for Isolated Ceilings

From May and June 2020, in this 20 minute prerecorded webinar, Jason Ehrlich discusses the features of various spring hangers used in concrete construction. He looks at an interesting series of acoustical tests that were fun using a 6" concrete slab and the same hanger. Finally he tours a new product page and reviews new tools that are available to designers.

Air-Cooled Chiller Composite Noise Control Solution

From June and July 2020, Noise emanating from air-cooled chillers into critical areas: screw compressors (bottom sides of unit) generate mid/hi frequency noise; up-blast fans (top of unit) generate low/mid frequency noise. A common approach is to control noise from only one of these noise sources. Kinetics offers engineered solutions to control noise emanating from both sound sources, taking into account proper equipment operation, maintenance access and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Listen to this 20-min, prerecorded webinar, by John Sofra to learn more.

In-plant/Facilities | Engineering Controls Solution

From April 2020, in this 20 minute webinar, John Sofra presents a Kinetics engineered control solution for manufacturing process workplace sound reduction. The solution examined required noise reductions of 105 dBA to 85 dBA at 19'-0" from a tongue and groove machine, and 101 dBA to 85 dBA at 5'-0" from a sander machine.

Noise Rated Ceiling Tiles

From April 2020, in this 20 minute webinar, Jason Ehrlich discusses Noise Rated Ceiling Tiles. Walls are often blamed for noise problems when the real culprit might be the ceiling. He details the current product offerings for noise-rated acoustical ceiling tiles while giving an overview of related acoustic terms.