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Our multi-disciplined engineering team understands the complex nature of many of our client’s vibration problems. Our engineering services are built on over 200 years of collective experience and the expertise to develop the best solution for the problem at hand.

Services Kinetics provides today:

Each of these services offers a unique solution for any problem a client could potentially have.




Pipe Stress Analysis

Horizontal piping systems typically require restraint to protect and limit movement during a seismic event or change in thermal condition. The challenge is in determining how best to restrain the system while also keeping the pipe stresses low and deflections within limits. Kinetics engineering team can solve these common piping issues by simulating the piping network in state-of-the-art analysis software. This enables the KNC team to provide an optimized restraint system that reliably protects the piping system and surrounding structure. By using analysis to place restraints only where they are needed, as opposed to following over conservative rules of thumb, the cost of the system is often reduced as well.


  • B31, ASCE Compliance
  • Optimized Seismic Bracing Layouts
  • Thermal Loop/Joint Design
  • Flexible & Rigid Coupling Analysis
  • Professional Engineer Certification

Riser Support Design and Analysis

Vertical pipe risers can create a unique set of problems when they are installed in multistory buildings. The introduction of fluids into the pipe can g enerate significant forces within the building at the riser support locations. Thermal expansion/contraction from steam or hot/cold water systems will cause the overall length of the piping to change. If not designed properly, these changes can lead to substantial forces being transferred into the building structure, unacceptably high stress levels within the walls of the pipe, or failure of restraint and system components. Kinetics engineering team can provide you with a complete analysis of your riser system to determine how best to anchor and guide the pipes.


  • B31, ASCE Compliance
  • Optimized Restraint and Guide Layouts
  • Seismic Protection
  • Capable of Considering Multiple Thermal Conditions
  • Design of Fully Anchored to Fully Floating Systems
  • Professional Engineer Certification

Seismic and Wind Analysis

Sufficient earthquake and wind protection for components and their connections is vital in today’s world. They are also a code-driven safety requirement. Kinetics can provide a full suite of services that range from anchorage design to virtual shaker table simulations. We have a team of highly skilled, professional engineers that can provide solutions to the most daunting design challenges.


  • Code-driven Design of Equipment-to-Structure Connections
  • Static and Dynamic Simulation Capabilities
  • Equipment Evaluations
  • Professional Engineer Certification

Component and Support Design

Often, distribution systems, such as piping, ductwork, or other mechanical systems, require atypical solutions due to project specific conditions and limitations. We have a team of engineers who solve practical problems on a daily basis and can provide customized designs for support systems and components. Our team takes your project-specific requirements into consideration to develop practical solutions. At KNC, we can provide you with the manufactured product or a detailed set of drawings to be built to your specification.


  • 3D Modeling and FEA Analysis
  • Code-driven Design of Structural Support Systems and Components
  • Manufactured Components or Detailed Construction Drawings
  • Professional Engineer Certification

Structural Design Services

In today’s world of delegated design services, KNC has on-staff, structural engineers that can help support your project. We offer a wide range of services from concrete pad design to the complex column layouts and anchorage. We’ll work with you to overcome your challenges and provide high quality, expert service.


  • Column Design
  • Concrete Pad Design
  • Foundational and Anchorage Design

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