KINETICS® TADTuned Absorber/Diffuser Panel

Kinetics TAD Panel combines superior acoustical characteristics and a choice of fabric to give you the best design solution for areas where more balanced sound absorption and high frequency diffusion are desirable.


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Place the Tuned Absorber/Diffuser where low and mid-frequency absorption is desired in conjunction with increasing reflectivity and diffusion in higher frequencies. The outstanding acoustical performance of this panel is the result of the assembly of a sound absorptive fibrous core covered with a variable impedance laminate. Openings in the laminate are sized and spaced to optimize the absorption in lower frequencies while creating random mid and high frequency reflective surfaces between openings (variable impedance). A design program is utilized to acoustically optimize the hole pattern in the laminate while maintaining the desired overall open versus reflective area in the panel surface. For increased low frequency sound absorption, a thicker fibrous core (2 to 4 inches) can be specified. For increased high frequency absorption, the hole size can be changed to 5/8 inch diameter versus the standard 1/2 inch opening.