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Hammond Kinetics

Vibration Isolation Specialists


Single Arm CMM on Air Support Inertia Base with Removable Isolator Access Plates

Hammond Kinetics Services

Hammond Kinetics has over 30 years experience in vibration isolation. They are specialists in CMMs, MRIs, Dynamometers, Electron Microscopes, Metrology Room Floors, and Laser Welders.

CMM Isolation Clients include:

Foundation and Isolation System Design

Based on the test results Hammond Kinetics will make a recommendation for a simple foundation or an isolation system to properly support the CMM in your location. Our design services include:

Turnkey Projects

Hammond Kinetics can provide complete turnkey construction and isolation system installation.

Time Saving Features


Hammond Kinetics guarantees the performance of our vibration isolation systems when installed to our design, recommendation and supervision. This guarantee assumes the vibration climate does not substantially change from the test conditions (ie. adding a new press, etc.)

Site Survey

Hammond Kinetics Engineers can perform vibration surveys in your plant to determine if the level of vibrations recorded will affect the accuracy of the CMM'to be installed. Our survey instruments include seismometers and lap-top PC utilizing state-of-the-art programming. Test results are compared to the vibration criteria of the selected CMM and recommendations are made accordingly. Survey costs can be quoted on request.

Project Scope

We have vast experience for total turnkey construction responsibility with bid package preparation. We provide vibration isolation components and prefabricated inertia bases.