KINETICS®Acoustical Wood Collection

Noisy rooms are common in today’s homes. The Acoustical Wood Collection from Kinetics can help make rooms quieter and more enjoyable.

Popular design features such as cathedral ceilings, expansive windows, wood, drywall, and hard-surfaced floors reflect sound energy back into a room, resulting in uncomfortable noise levels. This can make it difficult to watch television, listen to music, or entertain friends.

Absorbers from the Acoustical Wood Collection allow sound energy to penetrate through finished wood to hidden, acoustically-absorptive material beneath. Wood surfaces that are typically reflective now reduce echo and reverberation in a room. Conversations become more intelligible, recorded music is more pleasurable, and background noise is reduced.

Three patterns from the Acoustical Wood Collection are featured for residential use.



Picado features surface pinholes that are invisible from a distance, yet large enough to allow sound absorption. Picado provides acoustic performance and a solid wood appearance.


Alto’s grooved wood surface can add a look of visual refinement to the finished surface. Small, partially-hidden openings allow sound to penetrate and be absorbed.


Sereno features symmetrical hole patterns of various sizes for the passage of sound into a concealed absorber. Available in four patterns.

Select from six standard veneers–maple, cherry, oak, walnut, birch and mahogany–or contact Kinetics for specialty wood options. See individual data sheets for more information.

The Acoustical Wood Collection is perfect for great rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, media rooms, home theaters or anywhere else where connecting with family and friends is important.

NOTE: Acoustical Wood Collection absorbers should not be used to reduce noise levels in adjacent rooms. Acoustical absorbers are only effective for improving sound levels in the rooms where they are placed. See Noise Control for information on how to control noise transmitting from one room to the next, or from one floor to another.