KINETICS® HighTones2High Frequency Wood Diffusers

Kinetics’ HighTones2 quadratic residue diffusers improves upon the original HighTones by featuring a new 11-period well sequence, offering smoother diffusion and scattering performance. HighTones2 also incorporates Barker code for reduced lobing characteristics.

HighTones 2 diffusers can be oriented horizontally or vertically, or in combinations, to achieve the desired diffusion characteristics.

  • Low frequency limit around 2,500 Hz.
  • High frequency limit is 17,200 Hz. at 0° incident and 8,600 Hz. at 60° off-axis
  • Minimum seating distance is only 7-inches


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Design and Installation

HighTones2 can be used to tame first order reflections, or as monolithic coverings to add more aural “openness” to the space.

Most commonly, HighTones2 diffusers are used to enhance surround sound speakers in the rear of the room, but can also be used in place of absorption when reverberation times are low.

HighTones 2 Diffusers can easily be mounted on walls or ceilings. They can be concealed under a stretch fabric system, painted, or displayed in many beautiful hardwood finishes. Stand-alone units also fit into standard drop-ceiling systems.

Take a look at the back of these diffusers and you’ll see how easy it is to properly arrange them during installation. Arrows help to orient each piece for custom Barker code sequencing (planks) and directionally (square diffusers).

HighTones2 Plank

HighTones2 Square

Fit and Finish Options

HighTones2 diffusers are available in a remarkable variety of form and finish options.

HighTones2 “Square”: 2' x 2' x 1", (also fits into standard drop-ceiling grid)

HighTones2 “Plank”: 5-9/16" x 1", in planks from 24" to 96" high

  • Square MDF – Perhaps the most affordable quadratic residue diffuser on the market, HighTones2 Square MDF diffusers can be installed behind stretch-fabric systems, or be installed exposed or painted in some DIY applications
  • Plank and Square pieces are available in the following wood species
    • Cherry
    • Oak
    • Maple
    • Poplar
  • Available unfinished, clear-coated, or stained/clear-coated
  • Painted finishes are also available with Poplar

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