Noise Control Solutions for Ductwork in HVAC SystemsIn-Joist Duct Silencers Mass Loaded Vinyl

Often overlooked, noise that travels through HVAC ductwork can undermine thoughtful sound isolation designs for private theaters and many other areas in a home.


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Noise problems in HVAC ductwork typically occur in three areas in residential environments.

  • Noise traveling through the ductwork (from theater or HVAC equipment)
  • Noise breaking out from the ductwork
  • Airflow noise through grills or diffusers

Noise Traveling

Left untreated, sound energy in loud rooms can bypass sound-rated walls and ceilings and travel as disturbing noise to the rest of the home.

SOLUTION: Kinetics In-Joist Duct Silencers

Duct silencers provide bidirectional control of sound energy traveling through ductwork. Loud noises from fitness equipment, game rooms, golf simulators, home theaters, media rooms, etc. are interrupted before traveling to other areas of the home.

Noise from the HVAC system itself can also travel through ductwork. Duct silencers provide benefit for rooms where a lower “noise floor” is desired, such as bedrooms, libraries, and in-law suites. Critical listening areas, such as home theaters and two-channel audio rooms, benefit in both directions.

Breakout Noise

Noise can transmit through the walls of ducts into the surrounding joist cavity, especially when soft, flexible ductwork is used. From there, sound transmits through ceiling/floor assemblies and into adjacent spaces.

SOLUTION: Mass-loaded vinyl

Kinetics offers many styles and weights of mass-loaded vinyl with and without resilient decoupling. Allow us to properly match the right product with your application.

Airflow Noise

During system operation, airflow noise can occur in the supply line when air rushes through diffusers or grills. Duct silencers will not correct this kind of noise.

SOLUTION: Different types of grills are available from supply houses or contractors and can usually be fine-tuned for airflow. Discuss options with a local HVAC contractor familiar with the system in the home.