Wood-Frame Ceiling Hanger

  • Highest performing wood-frame ceiling hanger
  • Full one-inch deflection springs treat airborne noise from traveling up and down between spaces as well as impact noise traveling into the theater
  • Ten different spring capacities (colors) ensure a level and flat ceiling
  • Uses locally obtained ceiling grid
  • Purchase includes custom factory drawings with detailed loading information and hanger layout


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Why it Works

In order for you to hear noise through a wall or ceiling, airborne sound contacts a solid building material such as drywall and turns into vibration energy. This vibration energy easily passes through wall studs or ceiling joists and radiates out on the other side as bothersome airborne noise. Separating drywall from a stud or joist with a resilient element prevents structure borne vibration from traveling through a wall or ceiling (in this case the spring in the ICW ceiling hanger separates the direct attachment of the drywall from the joist). In general, the more resilient the isolator is, the more effective it is in reducing or eliminating this vibration transmission. Springs are the most resilient, therefore they offer the most mitigation across a wide range of frequencies produced in home theaters. This becomes very beneficial when it comes to reducing vibration caused by subwoofers.

In addition to controlling noise, these same elements reduce or eliminate the sound of people walking across the ceiling, maintaining your cinematic experience.

Why Kinetics Noise Control?

Not only does Kinetics offer the largest selection of acoustical products available, but it backs up those products with leading support. Laying out ICW spring Hangers can be complicated in a large commercial space, spacing them in a home theater with soffits, challenging room shapes, and equipment, speakers, and acoustical treatment being supported by the ceiling requires the experience of an engineering staff familiar with the process. Kinetics supplies shop drawings that include a hanger layout with different spring capacities, an explanation of the loads being supported by each isolator, and any details specific to your home theater.

Special Acoustic Note

Spring ceiling hangers are high value performers as long as care is taken with acoustical design. If the walls surrounding an isolated ceiling come into direct contact with the floor above, the system has become “acoustically shorted” and a flanking path is created which will significantly reduce the performance of the ceiling. If the walls are required for support, please see Kinetics Isolated Stud Walls.