Super-Compact Ceiling Hanger

Low-profile isolated ceiling construction using a resilient hanger assembly to support one or more layers of gypsum board is desired by architects wanting to minimize ceiling drop in an occupied space. The Model KSCH Super-Compact Ceiling Hanger helps the designer achieve the goal of resiliently decoupling the ceiling using less than three and one half (3-1/2) inches of space. Model KSCH is designed to allow use of a single piece of 1-1/2" x 1/2" cold-rolled channel to support the drywall furring channel to which the gypsum board is attached. Renovation and new-build design ceiling height concerns are addressed easily with Model KSCH.


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  • Low 3-1/2-inch airspace using 7/8-inch drywall furring channel at 1/2-inch nominal spring deflection
  • Maximum natural frequency of 5.5 Hz under lightest typical load conditions
  • Requires only one (1) piece of 1-1/2-inch x 1/2-inch cold-rolled channel
  • Extended mounting bracket allows easy attachment to non-isolated deck
  • Centering notches for flawless alignment
  • Minimal vertical/lateral movement during a seismic event
  • STC 72, IIC 51 with two (2) layers gypsum board suspended under a 6-inch concrete slab (75 psf) with 1-1/2-inch fiberglass batt in airspace - 1/2-inch deflection springs