KINETICS® CWCA and Wallmat Stud Wall Isolation

Stop noise from flanking around noise-isolated ceilings and floors.

  • Resilient separation of the stud wall from subfloors and ceilings
  • Requires less floor space than isolated drywall or a secondary stud wall
  • Required even when using double-stud and staggered-stud walls

Resiliently decouples the top plate of a wood-framed wall from existing floor joists.

The strength of the bracket and capacity of the rubber isolation components provide structural integrity and allow wide spacing between brackets.

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CWCA brackets include angle bracket, (2) isolation bushings, and attachment hardware.

Bracket spacing: First bracket should be no more than 16" from each corner, then spaced evenly, not to exceed 48" on center.

Allow 1/2" to 1-1/2" of clearance between bottom of joist and top of stud wall.

Wallmat Stud Wall Isolation Strip

Acoustically separates the sill plate of a stud wall from the subfloor.

KAI isolation bushings anchor the sill to the sub floor with an acoustically safe connection.

Wallmat Isolation Strip
  • 1/2" thick x 48" long
  • 3" wide (2x4 framing)
  • 5" wide (2x6 framing)
KAI-W isolation bushing
  • for wood studs
  • 16" or 24" on center
KAI-S isolation bushing
  • for Steel studs
  • 16" or 24" on center

Concrete Construction & Metal Framing

If floors and ceilings are concrete deck, use Wallmat at the top and bottom of the stud walls.