KCI Spring Isolator

ASHRAE Type 4 Spring Isolator

KCI ASHRAE Type 4 Spring Isolators are compact, lightweight, restrained, spring isolators. A plated Steel assembly limits lateral and vertical movement of the supported equipment during an earthquake or wind storm. An angle top plate or threaded bolt option are available for equipment attachment.

KCI is recommended for restrained isolation of small to medium sized pieces of mechanical equipment near critically quiet areas when there is also need for Wind or Seismic restraint. Can also be used with strut to isolate equipment farms.

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Spring isolators shall be seismically restrained spring isolators, incorporating a single vibration isolator. Springs shall be restrained using a housing engineered to limit both lateral and vertical movement of the supported equipment during an earthquake without degrading the vibration isolation of the spring during normal equipment operating conditions. Vibration isolators shall incorporate a steel housing and snubbing grommet system designed to limit motion to approximately 0.2" (5 mm) in any direction and to prevent any direct metal-to-metal contact between the supported member and the fixed housing. Where the capacity of the anchorage hardware in concrete is inadequate for the required seismic loadings, an adapter plate to allow the addition of more or larger anchors will be fitted to fulfill these requirements. In addition to the primary isolation spring, the load path will include a minimum 0.25" (6 mm) thick neoprene pad. Spring elements shall be color coded or otherwise easily identified. Springs shall have a lateral stiffness greater than 1.2 times the rated vertical stiffness and shall be designed to provide a minimum of 50% overload capacity. Non-welded spring elements shall be epoxy powder coated and shall have a minimum of a 1000-hour rating when tested in accordance with ASTM B-117 to facilitate servicing. Spring elements shall meet all the specified characteristics described in Section 2.1/E.1 paragraph (23 05 48 Vibration Isolation Section). Oversized base plates may be required and will be determined when seismic certifications are performed. Spring isolators shall be Type KCI as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.

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