Wood-Frame Ceiling Hanger

Wood-Frame Ceiling Hanger

Kinetics’ top-performing wood frame ceiling hanger effectively reduces low-frequency airborne and impact noise without compromising space.

ICW is engineered for performance, ease of selection, and installation. Full one-inch deflection coils provide acoustic performance across a wide frequency range. Included shop drawings will lay out the isolators utilizing ten different spring coil capacities—ensuring the ceiling is level after construction. The hanger bracket aids installation as it holds the spring in place while fastening gypsum board. ICW’s channel clip fits a typical cold-rolled-channel grid system and allows for leveling. ICW also makes fire ratings easy. A single UL assembly number allows for use of either wood joists, engineered wood beams, or open trusses.

  • Channel clip assembly integrates cold-rolled-channel grid system
  • Built-in ability for leveling gypsum board framing grid
  • Single fastener joist installation
  • Capacities up to 210 pounds
  • Ten different spring capacities
  • UL-rated assemblies