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Dynamometer Test Cell Noise Control

System: CHHB

Dynamometer Test Cell Noise Control


Dynamometer systems packager requiring a series of dynamometer cells for testing of diesel engines


Typically, the packager would manufacture its own factory-assembled cells and systems and drop ship the complete package to the end user. This project required test cells that were much larger than normal and the option of standard factory assembly was not feasible.


Advantages of Proposed Solution


Project Goals

NOISEBLOCK™ Applied Products

The walls and roof system was constructed of KNC custom engineered, high transmission loss, double-wall NOISEBLOCK™ panels and model STL-K absorptive wall and ceiling panels, all constructed of aluminum, stainless and galvanized heavy gage sheet metal. Included were high STC single and double doors for equipment and personnel access. Also included were high STC and impact resistance windows. The structural steel framing component assemblies were designed as field bolt together construction. This was because all enclosure components had to be factory painted with a special oil and fuel resistant paint. The multiple test cell system was 150'-0" L x 47'-0" W x 15'-10" H.


The entire project stretched over a period of two years. The ability to work with many trades, select from a diverse selection of KNC manufactured products and tap into years of acoustical and engineering talent lead to a successful, cost effective and durable project solution.


This case study features Kinetics NOISEBLOCK™ Sound Enclosures

Additional Information

For additional information e-mail industrialsales@kineticsnoise.com

Project Images

Dyno Test Cell - Outside Dyno Test Cell - Inside