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NOISEBLOCK™ Sound Barrier Walls — Cooling Towers Noise

System: CTPR

Barrier Wall | Cooling Tower Noise


Owner of an upscale condominium complex



Advantages of Proposed Solution


Project Goals

NOISEBLOCK™ Applied Products

The barrier wall system consisted of NOISEBLOCK™, model STL-4, double-wall, panels, hardware, structural steel components, structural calculations and piecemarked installation drawings. The barrier structural steel calculations were forwarded to the engineer of record for review and to provide the required Professional Engineer’s stamp.


The NOISEBLOCK™ barrier wall system introduced a 17 dBA noise reduction which exceeded the amount required to bring the operating cooling towers’ sound level equal to the allowable, nighttime, ambient noise levels. The client was pleased and the system continues to operate.


This case study features Kinetics NOISEBLOCK™ Sound Barrier Walls

Additional Information

For additional information e-mail industrialsales@kineticsnoise.com

Project Images

Exposed Evaporative Cooling Tower Noise reduction for cooling tower Controlling noise in cooling towers