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Outdoor Air-Cooled Chiller Acoustical Barrier Wall System

System: CATM

Outdoor Air-Cooled Chiller Acoustical Barrier Wall System

The Situation

The noise source is an outdoor air-cooled chiller. Noise is emanating into critical areas: screw compressors (on the bottom of the unit) generate mid/hi frequency noise; Up-blast fans (on the top) generate low frequency noise.


A common but inadequate attempt to control the noise is to wrap the compressors with massloaded vinyl jackets. This rarely solves the noise problem.


Model STL Sound Control Panels, Model KCAL Acoustic Louvers, NOISEBLOCK Acoustical Doors

KINETICS OFFERS: Proper Acoustical Design

Three and four-sided Model STL, acoustical barrier wall systems, allowing sufficient space between barrier/chiller as well as equipment and access doors as required. Add on KCAL acoustical louvered skirt for ventilation. Add on VAR acoustical louvered roof system to redirect noise from critical areas, achieving maximum noise reduction at a very low pressure drop. Systems can be located on grade or rooftop.

Air-Cooled Chiller Sound Barrier Wall Detail

Noise Reduction (Typical)

Air-Colled Sound Barrier Wall Noise Reduction Chart

Standard Products; Custom Engineered

Our knowledge and experience save time and money. Modular units ship knocked down for easy transport and quick field assembly. Product manufactured from galvanized steel or aluminum and can be factory powder-coated or field painted.

NOISEBLOCK™ STL and HTL Panel Performance, Various Skin Types

Sound Transmission Loss per ASTM E90

Octave Band Number 2 3 4 5 6 7 STC
Center Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 ---
NOISEBLOCK™ (STL)-2" (18s/22p) 17 23 34 47 55 57 37
NOISEBLOCK™ (STL)-2" (18s/22s) 17 29 45 55 58 58 41
NOISEBLOCK™ (STL)-4" (18s/22p) 21 28 39 48 56 58 40
NOISEBLOCK™ (STL)-4" (18s/22s) 21 34 52 58 60 60 44
NOISEBLOCK™ (HTL)-4" (16s/22p) 27 34 48 61 66 70 48
NOISEBLOCK™ (HTL)-4" (16s/22s) 27 39 59 68 67 72 52


This case study features Kinetics NOISEBLOCK™ Sound Barrier Walls and Acoustical Louvers


Additional Information

For additional information e-mail industrialsales@kineticsnoise.com

Project Images

Outdoor Chiller Acoustical Barrier Wall Acoustical Louvered Skirt for Ventilation - Outside View Acoustical Louvered Roof Acoustical Louvered Skirt for Ventilation - Inside View Acoustical Louvered Roof Outdoor Chiller Acoustical Barrier Wall - Front View