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Sound Barrier Walls for Process Blowers Noise Control

System: CSPR

Outdoor Positive Displacement and Vacuum Blowers Sound Barrier Walls


A leading packager of positive displacement and vacuum blowers supplying to the product conveying industry



Advantages of Proposed Solution


Project Goals

NOISEBLOCK™ Applied Products

The NOISEBLOCK™ panels of each sound barrier wall was manufactured of KNC model STL-4, 16 gage solid outer skins and 22 gage, perforated inner skins with acoustic grade fill suitable for outdoor exposure, all material was galvanized steel, Type G90. The tongue and groove panel connections allowed for quick installation and inherently allowed for easy drainage of rain water. The structural steel components were supplied as assemblies with a factory hot-dipped, galvanized finish. All products are cost effective and backed by KNC’s extensive, independently tested database and proven performance. The ten identical barrier wall systems were: 14'-2" W x 18'-4" L x 14'-0" H.

Due to a recent, devastating hurricane, the wind load specification for the project was raised to withstand 3 second wind gusts of 183 mph. Also, because of the potential for flooding in the area, the blowers were mounted on 20'-0" high concrete pedestals. Therefore, the height from grade to the top of KNC’s sound barrier wall systems was 34'-0". This presented a unique challenge for KNC’s structural engineering team. However, due to the inherent strength of the NOISEBLOCK™ panels and the use of structural columns and supports, the proposed design met the requirements of the specification. Also included in the submittal package was a copy of the structural steel calculations as well as a P.E. stamped, piece-marked, installation drawing set.


The modular nature of the factory fabricated panels and factory assembled structural steel components made field installation quick and easy. The satisfied packager has since worked with the local KNC representative on multiple projects.


This case study features Kinetics NOISEBLOCK™ Sound Barrier Walls

Additional Information

For additional information e-mail industrialsales@kineticsnoise.com

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