Sound Control Baffles

Sound Control Baffles


Kinetics Noise Control Baffles are used to reduce overall noise levels in industrial, recreational, and other high noise areas, and are suspended from above or from the structure near the noise source. Kinetics Noise Control Baffles are 2.7 pcf (43 kg/m3) fiberglass, 24" x 48" (610 mm x 1219 mm), and 1-1/2" (38 mm) thick, and are sealed in a black or white fire-retardant vinyl film cover. When tested in accordance to UL-723, the cover material exhibits a flame spread of 15, and smoke development of 105; the fuel contribution is not determinable. The average absorption ratings for Kinetics Baffles are shown in the table. Actual room noise reduction can be up to 10 dBA depending on the configuration of the space and the absorption present before installing baffles. Baffles are packaged ten (10) per carton.

Baffles are available to meet USDA and FDA approved requirements using various available coverings.

Estimating Baffles

Use the following example to estimate the number of baffles for your application.

Example: Consider an 80' L x 40' W x 20' H walls industrial plant.

Step 1 Determine surface area:

80' x 20' x 2' (walls) = 3200
40' x 20' x 2' (walls) = 1600
80' x 40' x 1' (ceiling) = 3200
80' x 40' x 1' (floor) = 3200
Total Surface = 11200 sq. ft.

Step 2 Determine the overall acoustical character of the building. Assume this building is medium hard since the floors and walls are hard, and the ceiling is medium.

Step 3 Connect 11,200 ft.2 and medium hard on the nomogram. Extend the line to its intersection with the vertical reference line.

Step 4 If an 8 dB noise reduction is desired, connect a line between 8 on the "Reduction" scale, and the intersection point on the "Reference Line".

Step 5 Read 200 as the number of baffles required on the "Required" line.


Room Surface Area Chart

Room/Building Acoustical Characteristics

Terminology Description
Hard All (6) Surfaces -- Brick, Concrete, Marble, Tile, Steel
Medium Hard (5) Surfaces Hard, (1) Surface Absorptive -- Carpet, Acoustical Tile, Drapes, or Open to the Outside
Medium (4) Surfaces Hard, (2) Surfaces Absorptive
Medium Soft (3) Surfaces Hard, (3) Surfaces Absorptive
Honeycomb and Paralled Patterns

Acoustical Performance for 2' x 4' x 1-1/2" Thick Baffles Tested in a Typical Suspended Layout

Center Frequency (Hz) Absorption Coefficient Sabins/Baffles
Polly Wrapped Fill Only Polly Wrapped Fill Only
125 0.13 0.16 2.0 2.5
250 0.37 0.41 5.9 6.5
500 0.74 0.77 11.9 12.3
1000 0.90 0.94 14.4 15.1
2000 0.76 1.0 12.2 16.0
4000 0.49 1.15 7.8 18.4
NRC 0.70 0.80 - -
Sound Control Baffles

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