Quilted Fiberglass Sound Absorbers

Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers


Model KFA fiberglass absorbers are fire safe, high performance, acoustical attenuating fiberglass blankets that are used to reduce reverberant (reflected) airborne noise. The absorbers are an excellent alternative to urethane foams since they are fire safe, exhibit low smoke emissions, and possess high mechanical strength. Additionally, they have a wide temperature range, can be cleaned, and are unaffected by moisture, humidity, dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals. Flexible quilted absorbers are easily installed, will not degrade, and have extremely long service lives. Class A Flammability ratings per ASTM-E-84.

Kinetics KFA absorbers fundamental component is a low binder, fine fiber, acoustically absorptive, fiberglass batting. Two different reinforced, nonporous, fiberglass cloth facing materials are available and are quilted directly to the fiberglass batting using high strength thread and locking stitches. The quilting forms a matrix of 4" (102 mm) diamond stitch patterns which encapsulate the glass fibers. When the facing material on these stable encasements is subjected to airborne sound waves, the individual membrane faces respond diaphragmatically, like a drum head, and transmit sound energy through the nonporous facing into the fiberglass batting core material, where it is dissipated as thermal energy.

Model KFA can be produced in single or double layer, nominal thickness 1" (25 mm) or 2" (51 mm). Double layer thickness increases low frequency absorption and provides significant transmission loss characteristics.

Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers

Depending on the application requirements, the quilted absorbers can be faced on one or both sides. Available facings include the standard aluminumvinyl coated fiberglass cloth (A), impervious high-temperature silicone-coated fiberglass cloth (S) which is quilted using a Nomex stitching thread, or nonmaintenance, nonwoven, porous, scrim fabric (N). The three facing materials can be used individually or in combination on the same absorber so that special properties or economies can be achieved.


Model KFA quilted fiberglass absorbers can be used in many diverse industrial or OEM applications including absorptive linings for machinery housings, building walls, curtain or fixed enclosures, compartments, hoods, operator cabs, piping and duct work or wherever reduction of reverberant noise is required.

Absorption Characteristics

Product Nominal Thickness Octave Band Frequency (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
KFA-10Q-NA 1 in (25 mm) 0.12 0.47 0.85 0.84 0.64 0.62 0.70
KFA-10Q-NS 1 in (25 mm) 0.04 0.46 0.86 0.81 0.59 0.31 0.70
KFA-20Q-NA 2 in (51 mm) 0.08 0.33 0.79 1.02 1.04 1.02 0.80

Specifications and Physical Properties

  • Fiberglass Batting
  • Form: Fiber diameter 4-6 microns
  • Resin Binder: Thermosetting phenolic, 3-5% content by weight
  • Density: 2 lbs. pcf (9.8 kg/m2) (nominal)
  • Thermal Conductivity: K = 0.25 (BTU in./°F x sq. ft. x hr.) @ 75°F mean.
    (44.3 cal/in. x °C x sq. cm x hr. @ 24°C mean)
  • Facings
  • Aluminum-Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Cloth (A)
  • Breaking Strength (warp and fill): 75 lbs./in. (13 N/mm) and 70 lbs./in. (12 N/mm)
  • Tear Strength (warp and fill): 2.6 lbs. (12 N) and 2 lbs. (9 N), respectively
  • Continuous Service Temperature Limits: -20°F to 250°F (-29°C to 121°C)
  • Moisture Permeability: 1 to 2 Perms
  • Color: Gray-Aluminum
  • Other: Passes UL-181 Heat Aging Test
  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass Cloth (S)
  • Breaking Strength (warp and fill): 100 lbs./in. (18 N/mm) and 80 lbs./in. (14 N/mm)
  • Tear Strength (warp and fill): 27 lbs. (120 N) and 22 lbs. (98 N), respectively
  • Continuous Service Temperature Limits: -40°F to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C)
  • Color: Silver
  • Nonwoven Porous Scrim Fabric (N)
  • Composition: 100% spun-bonded polyester
  • Fabric Weight: 0.4 oz. per square yard (13.6 g/m2)
  • Tear Strength (warp and fill): 6 lbs. (27 N) and 5 lbs. (22 N), respectively
  • Temperature Limit: Continuous exposure to 400°F (204°C)
  • Quilting Thread
  • (N) (A) - Polyester per Fed. Spec. V-T-2850
  • (S) - Nomex per Fed. Spec. V-T-295D
  • Composite
  • Flammability: Class 1 flame spread and smoke developed rating per ASTM Designation E-84 (70); Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
  • Flame Spread -5
  • Fuel Contributed -20
  • Smoke Developed -5
  • Quilted Thickness:
    • 1" (25 mm), single layer fiberglass batting (nominal)
    • 2" (51 mm), double layer fiberglass batting (nominal)
  • Material Width: 48-in. (1219 mm)
  • Weight: 0.20 lb./sq. ft. (0.98 kg/m2) single layer fiberglass batting (nominal)
  • Quilting Pattern: Diamond Size - 4 in. x 4 in. (102 mm x 102 mm) (standard)
  • Quilted Pattern Stitch: Full Locking
  • Edge Binding: As specified with (A) or (S) fabric tape on roll goods, individual panels or components; sewn or stapled (optional)
  • Mildew and Rot: Full Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
  • Temperature Limits: -40°F to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C) (see facing temperature limits)
  • Chemical Resistance: Resists oils, grease, moisture, mild acids, alkalies, dirt, dust, and salt atmospheres.
  • Cleanability: Maintenance facings can be steam cleaned, or washed with standard industrial cleaners
  • Availability: Roll goods, individually sized panels or die cut components

Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers have been approved for underground use on mining equipment.

Quilted fiberglass absorbers shall be model KFA by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.

Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers

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