KINETICS®Industrial Silencers

Silencers control airborne noise in ducts and openings in buildings, enclosures or equipment. We offer you the design and engineering assistance to integrate our silencer designs into a system solution. Our Industrial Silencers are engineered to ensure personal comfort, health and safety, while helping you to comply with environmental regulations and community standards.

Openings into or out of noisy environments are prime candidates for noise control measures. This includes ventilation of buildings, enclosures, equipment or rooms. Integration of noise control measures, such as silencers, into the system design requires careful consideration of space constraints, fan selection and aerodynamic pressure losses.

Kinetics Industrial Silencers can be integrated into the system design using specific components, such as fans or dampers, selected by others. Or Kinetics can provide complete noise control in ventilations systems, including fans, dampers, actuators, louvres, filters, mounting supports and silencers. By designing and packaging a complete system, Kinetics can offer an optimized solution with most components pre-assembled at the factory, reducing field installation and commissioning costs.


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  • Fan Inlet and Discharge
  • Cooling Towers
  • Radiators
  • Stacks, Blow-offs, Vents
  • Safety and Relief Valves
  • Equipment/Process Enclosure Ventilation
  • Turbine Enclosure Ventilation

Rectangular / Circular Duct Silencer Types

  • Elbow Dissipative (absorptive)
  • Straight Dissipative (absorptive)
  • Reactive (no media), Elbow and Straight
  • Cross-Talk
  • Axial Cone
  • Transitional
  • Custom Designs as Required

Optional Features

  • Galvanized, carbon or stainless steel casing
  • All welded construction
  • Weather Hood
  • Birdscreen
  • Duct Extension
  • Painted Exterior
  • Access Doors/Panels
  • Mounting/Support Flange
  • Support Brackets/Legs

GTC 2a Stack Silencer

Noise reduction from 103 dBA to 85 dBA