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KINETICS® Applique

Acoustical Cloud

Applique Cloud panels reduce reverberant (reflected) noise at the ceiling level. When wall space is limited or ceiling heights are too low for traditional vertically hung baffles, cloud panels can be installed to improve acoustics without sprinkler or lighting interference. Cloud panels are suspended from the ceiling with wire rope or chain attached to suspension clips on the rigid aluminum frame.

They are typically used in band rooms, open office environments, multi-purpose rooms, restaurants, or other large spaces with high ceilings.

A 1" or 2" fiberglass core acts as an absorber and is contained within an extruded aluminum frame. The spline and groove system in the panel frame allows for fabric facing changes.


  • Open Office Environments
  • Band Rooms
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Large rooms with high ceilings




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