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Geometric Diffusers

Sound Diffusers

Random disbursement of sound reflections greatly improves sound quality and consistency for the listener. That’s why Geometric Diffusers are perfect for band and choral rehearsal rooms and performance spaces. The shaped surfaces of the Diffusers break up direct sound reflections and disperse them evenly throughout the listening space. Auditoriums will benefit with the use of Diffusers on the rear and side walls.

Available in two standard shapes, offset pyramidal and radius, Geometric Diffusers are commonly used in conjunction with Kinetics’ acoustical wall panels; a combination of sound diffusion and absorption that greatly improves overall room acoustics. Geometric Diffusers are also used in lay-in 15/16" standard grid ceilings (can be factory modified for 9/16” grid, please specify when ordering).

Geometric Diffusers are available in three finishes and a variety of sizes.

  • White thermo-molded copolymer, standard
  • Painted, optional
  • Fabric-faced, optional
  • NRC: 0.10 to 0.30
Dimensions* – Width x Length x Depth
Radius (7)Offset Pyramidal (3)
2' x 2' x 5.25"2' x 2' x 6.75"
2' x 4' x 5.25"2' x 4' x 6.75"
3' x 3' x 7" 
3' x 4' x 9.75" 
3' x 6' x 9.75" 
4' x 4' x 9.75"4' x 4' x 12"
4' x 6' x 9.75" 

*Actual width and length for all diffusers except the
4' x 6' model are 1/4" less than the nominal dimensions
listed. This allows for installation in a lay-in ceiling grid.

See data sheet, page 2, for more information



  • Areas where more consistent sound levels across a wide frequency range are desired
  • Auditoriums/Lecture Halls
  • Band/Choral Rehearsal Rooms (Walls/Ceilings)
  • Music Performance Spaces




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