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Perforated Metal Acoustical Panels

Functional and aesthetically pleasing, KNP panels are ideal for controlling reverberant noise problems in gymnasiums, natatoriums, and recreation centers. KNP panels provide more reverberation control for a given coverage area when compared to many other impact or corrosion resistant panels.

These highly durable panels are easy to install on walls or ceilings in a variety of ways.

KNP panels are constructed from galvanized steel or aluminum perforated facing. The facing is folded along the vertical edges and is reinforced at each end with solid channels. Each panel is filled with a 2" thick, glass fiber sound absorber encapsulated in a heat sealed poly vinyl bag.

The perforated metal face is powder coat painted in a variety of specifiable colors, or a custom paint match.

  • KNP-F (flat face): 2" thick
    • Up to 42"W x 120"H or 114"W x 48"H, standard
    • Custom oversized panels up to 54"W x 144"H or 138"W x 60"H
  • KNP-V (V-groove face): 2-3/4" thick
    • Up to 36"W x 120"H or 96"W x 48"H, standard
    • Custom oversized panels up to 48"W x 144"H or 132"W x 60"H
  • NRC: 0.90

See data sheet, page 2, for more information



  • Reverberant, noisy spaces where panels must resist damage from impacts, abrasion, or moisture.
  • Gymnasiums
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Natatoriums (specify aluminum)
  • Convention Centers


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