Sound Isolation Clips

Sound Isolation Clips

Low Cost, Space Saving Walls and Ceilings-

Walls- Double stud wall noise control performance in less space at a lower cost

Ceilings- Achieve the performance of properly installed resilient channel

IsoMax clip resiliently secures common drywall furring channel Offering significantly higher STC values than drywall attached to resilient channel, IsoMax ensures that installers will not inadvertently screw through the “resilient” leg of the channel into the joist or stud.

The IsoMax Advantage

In-slab or perimeter seismic restraint

Low cost for high performance

Flexible “snap-on” clips install quickly, no pinching channel and allows for height adjustments during installation of channel

Error free installation of standard drywall furring channel. Eliminates accidental short circuiting common with resilient channel

Easiest method for STC 55+ stud wall assemblies

Can easily accommodate furring channel widths from 2.38" - 2.75"

UL L583 is a fire rated assembly for engineered joists, parallel chord trusses, and wood joists.

Patent No. 7,093,814