KINETICS® KINFLEX™Seismic V-Loops and U-Loops

KINFLEX™ seismic V-loops and U-Loops solve the problems of pipe motion caused by thermal pipe growth and the movements associated with seismic activity. Benefits of the seismic V-loops include limited amount of space required for installation and the ability to hold in heat compared to traditional large pipe loops. Another benefit is V-Loops do not introduce thrust loads on the piping systems whereas metal bellows and rubber expansion joints impose significant anchor loads due to the effects of static pressure thrust.

Construction of both V- and U-loops is unique in the fact that it creates a flexible product that does not expand when pressurized. They can be designed in nested configurations with relatively tight centering. Standard installation is in horizontal pipe runs with the V-loop elbow pointing straight down. The use of an eyelet can be used for installations outside of the standard installation. Construction of the V- and U-Loop can be manufactured with a variety of end fitting and also copper or stainless steel braided material.


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