KINETICS® KNPPerforated Metal Acoustic Panels

KNP perforated metal panels deliver ample sound absorption over a wide frequency range. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, KNP acoustical properties, appearance, cleanable/wipeable surface, and rugged durability make it the choice for controlling reverberant, noisy spaces where panels must resist damage from impacts, abrasion, or moisture.

  • Industrial Facilities/Factories
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Outdoor Equipment Yards
  • Generator Rooms
  • Pump Rooms
  • Gymnasiums/Natatoriums
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Recreational Facilities


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A highly durable perforated metal acoustic panel. Ideal solution to airborne noise problems in demanding environments. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Cleanable/wipeable surface. Available with flat or V-groove face.

KNP sound absorbing panels are functional and aesthetically pleasing perforated panels which are used to control reverberant noise problems. Although primarily intended as an absorber, KNP perforated metal panels will act as a barrier when a solid back is added. KNP sound absorbing panels are useful as additions to existing metal or concrete barriers to reduce reverberation time and to lower reflected sound.

KNP perforated metal panels can be attached to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces and can be located in a manner to achieve an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Kinetics sound absorbing panels are available with optional rear backing to increase transmission loss and be used as a barrier. Available faced with perforated material on both sides and used as hanging absorptive baffles.

Sizes and Tolerances

KNP-F — 2" thick Flat Face; maximum 42" wide x 120" high or 114" wide x 48" high.
Sizes up to 54" wide x 144" high or 138" wide x 60" high available as special order.

KNP-V — 2-3/4" thick V-Groove Face; maximum 36" wide x 120" high or 96" wide x 48" high.
Sizes up to 48" wide x 144" high or 132" wide x 60" high available as special order.
Note: KNP-V panels are sized in increments of 6", the width of each V ridge.
Minimum panel size is 12" wide.
V-grooves run vertically

Indoors (recommended)
22 gage perf galvanized / galvannealed
0.050 aluminum

Outdoors (recommended)
20 gage perf galvanized / galvannealed
0.063 aluminum

Tolerances — KNP-F and KNP-V panels are built to plus or minus 1/8 inch tolerances for length, width and squareness.
Diagonal measurement

Acoustical Performance

Frequency, Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Absorption Coefficient 0.22 0.77 1.12 1.00 0.78 0.57 0.90


22 gauge perforated galvanized steel (galvannealed steel will be used if paint is required) or 0.040 perforated aluminum covering a glass fiber absorber in a heat sealed black poly vinyl bag. Solid channel framing for panel stability.

Fire Test Data

Class A per ASTM E84

Finish Options

KNP perforated metal panels are available factory powder-coat finish per selection of POWDURA® RAL Series Super Durable TGIC FREE Polyester Powder Coatings, color matching or mill/unpainted.


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