Stud Wall Isolation Pad

Stud Wall Isolation Pad

Kinetics Noise Control’s KSM resilient partition isolation pad offers designers a system to resiliently decouple a sound-rated partition from non-isolated structure with the known isolation characteristics of the Kinetics’ KIP pad.

Flanking of sound through a floor/ceiling assembly can reduce STC (airborne noise) or IIC (impact noise) ratings 10 points or more versus non-flanked sound control construction. Frequently used in conjunction with other Kinetics sound isolation products, KSM creates a resilient break to stop sound or vibration from flanking around a sound rated assembly. Included neoprene bushing assemblies isolates each anchor point of the stud wall to ensure effective isolation. Apply KSM along the bottom and/or top plates of a stud wall wherever acoustical isolation is required to maintain a fully effective sound rated assembly.

Manufactured from 1" thick KIP material

Anchor isolation bushing and load plate included

Accepts up to 3/8" anchor

Custom sizes/capacities available