KINETICS® KSMSSeismic Equipment Mounting Clip

KSMS Seismic Equipment Mounting Clips are seismic and wind restraint brackets used to solid-mount equipment to the building structure. The clips can be bolted or welded to the equipment and attached to the structure by anchoring to concrete or bolting or welding to steel.

Each kit contains:

  • One (1) KSMS Seismic Equipment Bracket
  • Three (3) hex bolts and hex nuts
  • Six (6) flat washers
  • One (1) concrete anchor

The KSMS restraint is all directional. The KSMS restraints can be arranged as illustrated in SS-20030612-02 to attach the equipment to the structure. Selection of the KSMS size, quantity and locations is included as part of the seismic or wind restraint calculations provided by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.


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