4" Thick Slab Spring Lift Mount

4" Thick Slab Spring Lift Mount

Lift slab floating floor systems that incorporate spring isolator assemblies to decouple four inch thick concrete slabs from non-isolated structural floors are used where vibration and impact are critical and of greater concern than airborne noise transmission.

Proven effective for intense impact applications ranging from floors for sensitive lab measuring equipment (e.g. metrology and surgical labs) to sports floors over retail/commercial spaces.

Spring isolators natural frequencies (fn) of 3.13 Hz for 1" rated deflection springs and 2.21 Hz for 2" rated deflection spring. Other rated deflection springs are available.

Factory-engineered shop drawings detail consider spacing, spring load/deflections and structural floor flatness requirements.

Rubber cap assembly protects against resonant frequencies.

In-slab or perimeter seismic restraint elements available where required.

Springs ship in ready-to-install sub-assemblies.

Castings are stocked ready to ship.