Spring Lift Slab Floor Mount

Spring Lift Slab Floor Mount

Lift slab floating floor systems that incorporate spring isolator assemblies to decouple concrete slabs from non-isolated structural floors are used where vibration and impact are critical and of greater concern than airborne noise transmission.

Fabricated, made-to-spec-isolator housings permit flexible system design for a range of slab thicknesses, air cavities and/or loading options.

Spring isolator natural frequencies (fn) of 3.13 Hz for 1” rated deflection springs and 2.21 Hz for 2” rated deflection springs, other rated deflection springs are available.

Factory-engineered shop drawings detail spacing, spring load/deflections, and structural floor flatness requirements.

Rubber cap assembly protects against resonant frequencies.

In-slab or perimeter seismic restraint
elements available where required.

Coulomb damping components available.

Ships in ready-to-install sub-assemblies.