KINETICS® NMachinery Isolation Mounts

Model N isolation mounts combine the uniquely permanent and dynamically predictable characteristics of Kinetics fiberglass isolation pads with a steel load transfer plate drilled for centering. These isolators provide a complete, versatile and highly effective noise, shock and high frequency vibration isolation mount.

The Model N isolation mount can be bolted directly to supports of most machinery and provide a means of centering for auxiliary leveling through its tapped center hole.

Model N isolation mounts eliminate lagging down of machinery and equipment by damping and isolating motion caused by equipment operation. Shock and vibration transmission from machinery to the supporting structure is reduced, protecting floor slabs and personnel from excessive shock and vibration. Transmission of shock and vibration from the supporting structure into machinery is reduced, extending machinery and tool life and increasing allowable precision in parts made by reducing tool chatter. Stress levels in machinery frames are reduced by allowing the machinery to move as a unit transmitting force to the support mounts.


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Machinery Isolation Mounts


Kinetics Model N fiberglass isolation mounts are specifically designed as a noise, shock and high frequency vibration mount for use with industrial process equipment.

Typical uses of isolation mounts include isolation of general-purpose industrial production machinery such as benders, boring machines, die caster, filers, four-side broaches, hoppers, press brakes, milling machines, welders, grinders and similar equipment. Choose Model N when the equipment either requires no leveling facility or has built-in leveling devices.

Isolation mounts in standard sizes are used to isolate punch presses weighing up to 16,000 lbs. (7300 kg). Special mounts are available for heavier presses.

Model NS mounts are used to support and isolate equipment with heavy traversing tables or relatively long bases requiring rigid mounts for support of machine frames such as surface grinders, lathes and screw machines.


Model N fiberglass isolators shall consist of a precompressed, molded fiberglass isolation pad coated with a flexible moisture-impervious elastomeric membrane and factory bonded to a steel load transfer plate. The Model N steel load transfer plate will be drilled and taped for 1/2"-13 NC (12.7 mm – UNC) thread.

The fiberglass pads shall be molded of glass fibers produced by a multiple flame attenuation process that generates nominal fiber diameters not to exceed 0.00027" (6.8 microns) and shall have been stabilized by ten (10) precompression cycles to three (3) times the maximum load, in the published load range, for the material to be used. The fiberglass pad shall be coated with a flexible moisture-impervious elastomeric membrane and then factory bonded to a steel load plate of a thickness adequate to uniformly transfer static and dynamic loads to the fiberglass pad.

Model N fiberglass isolation mounts shall be selected by the manufacturer to provide adequate load capacity for the equipment to be supported.

Model N fiberglass isolation mounts shall be manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.