Spring Wire-Tie Ceiling Hanger

Spring Wire-Tie Ceiling Hanger

Using wires to connect with both the upper deck and ceiling grid system, this full one-inch rated deflection spring hanger works in series with a neoprene element to resiliently support one or more layers of gypsum board.

Via a lower and upper welded eyebolt, a minimum 15-inch airspace forms between the concrete deck and gypsum board. The result is a hanger that allows for flexible installation. Contractors familiar with wire-tying will easily be able to incorporate MUTA into the hanger grid system.

  • Familiar wire-tie installation allows maximum installation flexibility
  • Use with cold-rolled channel or drywall grid systems
  • Capacities up to 370 pounds
  • A level ceiling is ensured due to MUTA’s 12 different spring capacities