KINETICS® RQNeoprene Isolation Mounts

Kinetics Model RQ Vibration Isolators are one-piece molded neoprene mounts with encapsulated metal inserts. The metal inserts provide all-directional resistance for horizontally and vertically applied loads. Each isolator incorporates two bolt-down holes on the bottom load surface and a steel top load plate for attachment to the supported equipment. The neoprene is highly oil resistant and has been designed to operate within the strain limits of the isolator to provide the maximum isolation and longest life expectancy possible using neoprene compounds. Model RQ is designed for up to 0.13" (3 mm) deflection, available in three sizes and thirteen capacities from 210 lbs. to 1950 lbs. (95 kg to 885 kg). Kinetics Model RQ is recommended for the isolation of vibration produced by small pumps, vent sets, low pressure packaged air-handling units, etc., and is usually selected when first cost must be minimized.


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Kinetics Model RQ neoprene isolation mounts can be used to isolate high frequency vibration generated by mechanical equipment located on a grade-supported structural slab, pier or load-bearing wall.

Typical applications of Model RQ neoprene isolators are limited to isolation of mechanical equipment having lowest operating speeds of 1750 RPM when located on a grade-supported slab, pier or load bearing wall, and include close coupled pumps with motors of 5 H.P. or less, small vent sets, low pressure packaged air-handling units, wall-mounted electrical transformers and similar equipment types.

Model RQ neoprene isolation mounts can be used for isolation of mechanical equipment specified to be supported by neoprene rubber or elastomer isolators and with tabulated minimum static deflections up to 0.13" (3 mm).

Model RQ neoprene isolation mounts are also selected for use in seismic and windload restraint applications.

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Vibration isolators shall be neoprene, molded from oil-resistant compounds, with a cast-in-top steel load transfer plate for bolting to supported equipment and a bolt-down plate with holes provided for anchoring to the supporting structure. Isolator shall provide lateral load resistance for loads applied parallel to mounting surface.

Neoprene vibration isolators shall have minimum operating static deflections as shown on the Vibration Isolation Schedule or as indicated on the project documents but not exceeding published load capabilities.

Neoprene vibration isolators shall be Model RQ, by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.