Kinetics Noise Control Announces Launch of KSR 2.0 Vibration Isolation Rail

Dublin, OH | Kinetic Noise Control Inc. (Kinetics) is proud to announce the launch of the new and improved KSR 2.0 Vibration Isolation Rail. This new isolation rail comes in two options: fully or partially assembled. It's engineered to isolate packaged rooftop equipment from the roof structure and goes well beyond internal isolation by reducing casing-radiated vibration caused by turbulent air flow as well as compressor and fan vibration.

The KSR 2.0 is available in two forms: fully or partially assembled. In either form, installation is extremely easy with the supplied factory assembled parts. For the partially assembled option, Kinetics provides TEK screws, Caulk, rubber corners caps, and flashing tape. Maximum shipping dimensions for both options is 8'x20'.

"Utilizing customer feedback of the old KSR, we wanted to redesign the Kinetics Spring Rail to improve the end-user experience," says Lee Chiddention, Kinetics HVAC Market Manager. "The main objective was to limit the field labor required to complete the installation while maintaining the maximum amount of isolation possible."

In comparison to the previous KSR Vibration Isolation Rail, this new version features an improved design with fewer components, a pre-installed weather strip, integrated seismic and wind restraints that do not require additional labor to install, and pre-compressed springs so the rail will be installed at its operational height. It's also engineered to meet the latest building code requirements.

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