Kinetics Noise Control Announces New Engineering Services

Dublin, OH | Kinetic Noise Control Inc. (Kinetics) is thrilled to announce six (6) new engineering services now available to clients. The multi-disciplined engineering team at Kinetics understands the complex nature of many clients' noise and vibration problems.

Kinetics offers comprehensive engineering services to support piping and riser design, seismic and wind applications, and structural vibration applications. The six services include:

  1. Pipe Stress Analysis
  2. Riser Support Design and Analysis
  3. Vibration Analysis
  4. Static and Dynamic Seismic and Wind Analysis
  5. Component and Support Design
  6. Structural Design Support

Through state-of-the-art pipe stress analysis software, Kinetics engineering team is able to analyze and solve common piping and riser issues by simulating the piping network. This enables the team to provide clients with a complete analysis of their piping and riser systems to determine how best to anchor and guide the pipes in the system. An optimized restraint system that reliably protects the piping system and surrounding structure is then possible.

Equipment operation often leads to unwanted structural noise and vibration. Sufficient earthquake and wind protection for components and their connections is vital in today's world. Kinetics has been a leader in vibration isolation and seismic restraint applications for generations and has the software and capability to include the building structure into any vibration, seismic, or wind analysis. The team can then complete a comprehensive evaluation of the entire system.

In today's world of delegated design services, Kinetics has on-staff structural engineers that can support most projects. Sometimes, distribution systems, such as piping, ductwork, or other mechanical systems, require atypical solutions due to project specific conditions and limitation. Kinetics engineering team can provide customized designs for support systems and components.

"We are excited to offer our engineering capabilities directly to our customers," says Thomas Yuschak, Vice President of Engineering at Kinetics. "Projects often require delegated designs or run into unexpected challenges. By offering this service, you have a team of experienced engineers available to ensure your project runs smoothly."

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