Kinetics Noise Control Introduces KNP-E Cost-Effective Rigid Sound Absorbers

Dublin, OH | Kinetic Noise Control Inc. (Kinetics) is delighted to introduce the KNP-E cost-effective, metal acoustic panel to the current line-up of Kinetics KNP panels. The KNP-E rigid, perforated sound absorber option achieves the acoustical and durability performance of the standard KNP panels at a reduced manufacturing cost, saving as much as 30% when compared to typical perforated metal acoustical panels. This KNP panel lowers costs by folding in two sides and utilizing top/side channels for installation.

"Since many industrial (in-plant) and environmental (outdoor) noise control applications are retrofit (unplanned), it is important to offer the most cost-effective, durable solutions and products," says John Sofra, Director of Sales for Commercial, Industrial, and Environmental Markets at Kinetics. "The KNP-E model of rigid sound absorber offers the cost-effective sound absorption solution customers desire while still offering sound absorption performance equal to Kinetics other KNP sound absorber models in 2-inch and 4-inch thick styles."

Kinetics existing line-up of KNP sound absorbing panels are functional and aesthetically pleasing perforated panels which are used to control reverberant noise problems. Although primarily intended as an absorber, KNP perforated metal panels will act as a barrier when a solid back in added. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, KNP acoustical properties, appearance, cleanable/wipeable surface, and rugged durability make these panels the clear choice for controlling reverberant, noise spaces.

The KNP-E panels offer a cleanable/wipeable surface which is resistant to damage from impacts, abrasion, and moisture.  KNP-E acoustical properties, ease of installation, and rugged durability make it the top choice for controlling reverberant noise problems in factories, wastewater treatment facilities, pump rooms, mechanical equipment yards, and mechanical rooms. KNP-E sound absorbing panels can be attached to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces and are ideal for installation over existing barrier walls.

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